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KT Ginxu Dragonfly

KT Ginxu Dragonfly

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SUP Downwind / Lettvinds wingbrett 

KT skriver følgende om brettet:

Keith Teboul: “We’ve all dreamed of riding open ocean swells; now, we finally have the board that allows to do it effortlessly and with maximum control.”

After years of development, Keith Teboul and the design team’s pinnacle of design is finally here. Through hundreds of prototypes for the team and customers, pulling design concepts from America’s Cup yachts, downwind canoes, and SUP race boards, the team focused on peak performance and stability in the water, early takeoff, and ultimate control in the air.

The Ginxu Dragonfly has a low nose entry with beveled rails and a recessed deck through the paddling stance position to provide the added stability needed to get going even in the most demanding seas or choppy conditions. With a slight displacement hull through the nose and mid-section, which transfers to our patented Ginxu step bottom in front of the foil boxes, this board easily increases its forward acceleration with each pump to get you up and onto your foil with minimal effort.

The added tail kick streamlines your paddling without locking you into your tracks. The tail provides a quick clean release off the back and immediately gets out of the way as the step bottom allows you to pump, take off and fly. With its lightweight construction and 16” tracks for optimal foil positioning, you can perform hard carves in tight sections and pump to your next swell much easier.

The Ginxu Dragonfly is the go-to Downwind Glider of choice for any open water foiler. Prone or Sup downwind on rolling swells, lightwind wing or paddle in small waves, or even flat water pop-up. From 6’6” to 8’4” there are options for all sizes and skill levels to get into this amazing new foiling experience.

Ultra Carbon Monocoque Construction.

Available in 88, 95, 100, 105, 110, 121, 135 liters (6’6, 6’9, 7’0, 7’4, 7’7, 8’2, 8’4).

Futures 16” Fin Boxes (comes without foil).

Available in Sanded Dark Silver over Carbon, with Translucent Red Artwork and a Charcoal Pad.

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